New Hampshire is at the center of the national fight for parental rights in education, and it will come to a head in Concord on April 18th.

If you believe in accountability, transparency, and the fundamental right of parents to determine the direction of their children’s education, it is critical that you make your voice heard before it’s too late. While this may be new for you, we can promise you this – the other side will be out in full force.

Here’s how you can help on Tuesday:

1. Attend the Rally to Support Parental Rights in Education

When: Tuesday, April 18th at 9:00am

Where: Front lawn of the State House in Concord (107 N Main Street)

2. Attend the SB 272 hearing and provide testimony in support of the bill

What: Public Hearing for Parental Bill of Rights (SB 272)

When: Tuesday, April 18th, 10:00am

Where: Representatives Hall, State House

More Details: Cornerstone has some fantastic resources on how to testify here.

3. Can’t attend in person? Register your support online for SB 272

Step 1: Fill in your Name, Town, and Contact Info

Step 2: Fill in the Date, 3/30/2023

Step 3: Select House Education Committee, Select SB 272, Select “I am a member of the public,” and then clearly indicate your support.

Step 4: Upload or type any Testimony (optional)

Step 5: Review and Submit!


Fast Facts About The Parental Bill of Rights (SB 272)

SB 272 will protect:

  • The right to direct the education and moral upbringing of a parent’s minor child. 
  • The right to choose to enroll the child in an assigned resident public school, a public charter school, an approved nonpublic school, a home education program, or an Education Freedom Account program. 
  • The right to inspect any instructional material used as part of the educational curriculum for a child. 
  • The right to access and review all education records of a minor child. 
  • The right to be advised of any non-academic survey to be administered to a child and the requirement that the parent consent to a child completing. 
  • The right to inquire of the school or school personnel and to be truthfully and completely informed if their child is being identified by any name other than the name under which the child was enrolled in the school including circumstances which a reasonable person would understand to be for the purpose of facilitating a change of gender or gender transition. 
  • The right to inquire of the school or school personnel and to be truthfully and completely informed if the child is being identified or referred to by school district staff, as being of a gender other than that of which the child was identified or referred when enrolled. 

Additional info about SB 272:

  • Nothing in the law shall authorize a parent of a minor child in this state to engage in conduct that is unlawful or to abuse or neglect his or her minor child in violation of general law. 
  • No school or school personnel shall infringe upon any of the parental rights, unless the infringement is supported by clear and convincing evidence and is narrowly tailored to address the compelling state interest. 
  • Every school board shall annually provide a written notice to all parents of minors in the district of their rights. 

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