Where do your candidates stand?

There is no silver bullet in the fight against radical, anti-American indoctrination in our schools, but it is absolutely vital that patriotic Americans reclaim control of their local school boards.

Tuesday’s school board election in West Chester is your chance to make a difference, and it’s important to know where all the candidates stand.

So far, 3 candidates have committed to help restore honest, patriotic education by signing The 1776 Pledge to Save Our School.

  • Ada Nestor (WCASD School Director – Region 1)
  • Stacey Whomsley (WCASD School Director – Region 3)
  • Anita Edgarian (WCASD School Director – Write-In Candidate – Region 3)

We urge you to contact the remaining candidates and urge them to take a clear stand.

Region 1:

Region 2: 

Region 3:

Dr. Ben Carson and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem wrote about The 1776 Pledge back in May, and it has now been signed by over 250 candidates and officeholders across the nation. Read their Fox News op-ed here.