1776 Action Launches Petition to Defund the Federal Department of Education

1776 Action has launched a new petition to abolish the federal Department of Education. You can sign by clicking the link here.

Since Congress established the Education Department in 1979, its budget has grown from $14 billion to $79 billion. That’s more than a 564% increase.

But are our schools really 564% better?

According to the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress – America’s Report Card – just 26% of 8th graders are proficient in math, only 31% are proficient in reading, and a mere 22% are proficient in civics.

The individual breakdown for many schools is even worse. Chicago has 55 schools with ZERO students rated “proficient” in math or reading. The entire Baltimore city school district had no students rated proficient in math last year. In New York City, 80% of high school students can’t read at their grade level. In California, more than half of all public school students are reading below their grade level.

Schools are reporting more violence and misbehavior in hallways. Many teachers fear for their safety.

Meanwhile, the Department of Education is pushing Critical Race Theory and demanding that every teacher embrace the Radical Left’s “equity” agenda. False histories like the 1619 Project – which the Department of Education called an “inspiration” – are now routinely taught in the classroom. Our high schools are graduating students who can’t tell you who the first president was, but are well-versed in left-wing ideology. New policies unveiled this year would also force every school that receives federal funding to allow biological males to compete on women’s sports teams and use women’s restroom and locker room facilities.

The unavoidable truth is that the department of education has utterly failed at its original purpose. Instead of states and localities sending billions of dollars to the federal government, that money should go directly to students and families. We have to take action and tell our politicians enough is enough. School districts should not be beholden to the Department of Education and forced to beg for handouts.

It’s time to elect more leaders who share this vision and are willing to fight to make it a reality – because our kids can’t wait any longer. Sign our petition today to let our leaders know it’s time for a change.