1776 Action Senior Fellow Goes OFF on Woke School Board

Pastor John Amanchukwu, our newest Senior Fellow, blasted an illustrated “sex education” book that he called “mental rape” at a school board meeting and during an appearance on Fox & Friends First earlier this week.

The book, entitled “It’s Perfectly Normal,” is targeted at kids as young as 10 years old and features graphic depictions of gay and straight sex acts as well as attacks on religious sexual morality.

During a school board meeting in North Carolina on Monday, Rev. Amanchukwu had this to say when officials stopped him from reading the book aloud: “If you don’t want to hear it in a school board meeting, why should children be able to check it out of the school system?”

On Thursday, Rev. Amanchukwu joined Fox & Friends First to discuss the interaction and make the case for why we need to get sexually explicit content out of our schools.

“As we talk about gender theory and queer theory and turn our schools woke, our kids are underperforming,” he warned. “It’s time to get back to education and not indoctrination.”

You can watch both clips here.