Daniel Cameron Becomes First Nominee to Sign ‘1776 Action Parent Power Pledge’

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron secured the Republican nomination for governor on Tuesday, becoming the first party nominee in the country to have signed our 1776 Parent Power Pledge.

As covered by Fox News, all three of the top GOP candidates in the race – Daniel Cameron, Kelly Craft, and Ryan Quarles – singed our new pledge ahead of Tuesday’s primary. 

We chose Kentucky to launch the Parent Power Pledge as it is one of just three gubernatorial races in the country this year. In November, Cameron will face off against incumbent Democrat Andy Beshear, who has stood in the way of parental rights.

Parent Power Pledge signers promise to take concrete steps to: 

  • Promote a system of thorough and verifiable academic transparency.
  • Oppose efforts to undercut standards of academic achievement or merit.
  • Promote a curriculum which teaches that all children are created equal and have equal moral value under God, our Constitution, and the law.
  • Oppose curriculum that pits students against one another or politicizes civics education by coercing students into partisan political activity.

More than 500 candidates and elected officials throughout the country signed our previous pledge, the 1776 Pledge. By asking candidates to take a firm position against indoctrination in schools and in support of parents’ rights, we are helping to shape the debate in crucial contests at every level of government.

Please keep this momentum going by reading and sharing our 1776 Parent Power Pledge, and encouraging your local candidates to sign as well.