14-year-olds invited to drag performance at North Carolina community college

First it was drag queen story hour. Now, it’s drag queen lap dances.

A shocking new video first shared by the Twitter account Libs of TikTok shows a drag performance that took place recently at a North Carolina community college that shows the performer – a biological male – straddling a female student and touching her inappropriately.

The school notably offers classes to students as young as 14, and all were invited to attend the racy event.

Although school officials have tacitly said they do “not approve” of what “allegedly” happened at the show, they have given no indication that anyone will be held accountable for allowing a stripper-style dance that was viewed by minors to take place on school grounds using school funds.

The Radical Left insists that drag performances like this are just “innocent fun” and that they are in no way grooming students or exposing them to inappropriate sexual content. We’ll let you be the judge on that.