WH Budget Mentions ‘Equity’ SIXTY THREE Times!

President Joe Biden’s Budget, which was released in March, mentions “equity” a whopping 63 times, according to a report from the Daily Mail. 

Equity has become a favorite buzzword of the Radical Left in recent years, and refers to enforcing equality of outcomes rather than equality of opportunity. In schools, equity programming steals agency from kids by teaching them that merit and hard work are not only meaningless, but bad and even “racist.”

While we don’t have the exact details of the budget just yet, we do know that it includes more than $90 billion for the Department of Education.

If past is prologue, much of that funding will be funneled to left-wing education groups who embrace destructive ideologies like an “equity” agenda. In a 19-page report released in 2022, the Biden Department of Education explicitly stated that it would evaluate “equity” in “everything” that it does– including when distributing taxpayer-funded grants.

The president’s FY2024 budget request makes clear that the administration has no intentions of backing down from its complete embrace of equity over equality. That only makes the mission of organizations like ours more important – and we are determined to keep fighting back.