Washington Post Mocks Parents for Wanting More Transparency

The propaganda media is at it again. This time, The Washington Post – whose motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness – is fretting about the growing number of parents requesting access to school curriculum.

In a TikTok post based on a news article (yes, you read that right) the Post laments that “school districts across the nation are facing a mounting pile of increasingly complex records requests from parents, community members and attorneys representing education advocacy groups — all of whom say they want greater transparency about how local children are educated.”

The video goes on to belittle parents who just want to know what their kids are learning in school – a seemingly simple enough request until the Radical Left decided that  parents should just butt out and “trust the experts.”

Of course, defenders of parents rights – including 1776 Action – were quick to point out the Post’s blatant hypocrisy on Twitter. Apparently, “darkness” is ok for democracy as long as it’s the far Left keeping secrets.