Parental Rights Are on the Brink in New Hampshire

After passing the state Senate, a parental bill of rights in New Hampshire is in serious jeopardy.

While the legislation had united Republican support in the Senate, 4 House Republicans voted no, and 7 didn’t show up to vote at all.

Republican Governor Chris Sununu has also been quiet as the bill’s well-funded opponents shamefully spread blatant lies about the legislation.

The bill enshrines important protections for parental rights in state law, including the right of parents to know what’s being taught, to have the final say in any healthcare related decisions, and to know the truth about their children’s behavior in school related to sex and gender.

Even though the bill was tabled, the fight isn’t close to over. 1776 Action has been blanketing the state in social media ads and text messages encouraging people to contact their representatives, and we’ve got more action to come very soon.

But know this – the other side is extremely well-funded. From the last we heard, they’ve already raised nearly one million to kill this bill. So any support you can afford would be incredibly helpful.