Left-Wing Activists Come for Parents’ Rights in NH

Ahead of a big 1776 Action messaging campaign this seek in support of parental rights legislation currently before the New Hampshire state legislature, left-wing activists marched alongside Democrat legislators at the state capitol on Tuesday to oppose the bill. 

Among other things, the bill, SB 272, would require schools to inform parents about what their kids are doing at school, including anything related to “sex and gender identification.”

Public polling has shown that an overwhelming majority of New Hampshire voters of all political persuasions believe the priorities and values of parents should supersede those of educational bureaucrats.

Yet Democrats and left-wing interest groups in the state insist that not only do parents not have a right to know what their kids are up to at school, but parents are actually a threat to their own children.

“The issue is parents’ rights, not personal views about sex education or the transgender issue,” Adam Waldeck, President of 1776 Action, told the NH Journal. “Democrats are pulling children away from their own parents and giving an inappropriate amount of unaccountable power to bureaucrats and administrators. Their willingness to put politics between parents and their own children is the reason New Hampshire needs a parents bill of rights.”

As the battle over this bill and other similar legislation throughout the country heats up, 1776 Action will be right in the thick of things fighting for parents’ rights and honest, patriotic education.