Private School Dean Brags About Giving Sex Toys to Students, Not Telling parents

In a shocking new video from Project Veritas, Joseph Bruno, a dean at the Francis W. Parker school – one of the most elite private high schools in Chicago – is caught bragging about having students come into a classroom during “Pride Week” and pass around various sex toys.

Bruno also mentions bringing in a drag queen to perform for students – all without the knowledge of parents. When asked if parents would care if they found out what was happening inside of the classroom, Bruno responds, “No. It’s queer sex.” He reiterates several times that he has “complete freedom” to do whatever he wants in the classroom. 

Unsurprisingly, the video was met with huge backlash online. But the school is now defending Bruno and his “queer sex” lessons, claiming that the Project Veritas video is “deceptively edited” with “malicious intent.”

Much like Bruno, the school apparently has little regard for parents and whether or not they want their 14-year-old being taught how to use various sex toys by the dean of students. But as we’ve seen time and again, parents are unlikely to stay silent for long with madness like this going on in classrooms – especially when they’re paying $40,000 a year.