REPORT: Most Top Medical Schools Teach CRT

Who wants a woke doctor? According to a new study of the curriculum of the top 100 medical schools in the country, 58 have mandatory courses in Critical Race Theory for future medical professionals.

Notably, the schools require reading from authors like Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi, two leading CRT advocates.

At Harvard Medical School, ranked number one in the country, students must take courses that will help students “acknowledge the ways in which racism is embedded in science and scientific culture and work to redress these long-standing issues.” At the University of California at San Francisco, ranked third, has racial-affinity caucusing groups for students to participate in “anti-racist work and process the impact of racism on ourselves and our community,” 

Teaching future doctors to treat patients differently according to their race is bad enough. But as we’ve reported to you previously, this commitment to so-called “antiracist” principles doesn’t just stay in the classroom – it also leaks over into admissions offices, where “diversity, equity, and inclusion” mandates are playing a greater and greater role in determining who receives acceptance offers.

The idea that who gets into the country’s top medical schools is now being determined more by race than merit is truly alarming. But the idea that they’re spending so much time learning CRT instead of how to save lives is scarier still.