Muslim, Christian Parents Unite to Sue School Board

So often, those who want to disparage our movement claim that it is only white conservatives who care about parents’ rights and restoring integrity to our classroom. They hope to use the very same divisive concepts they want to teach to our children to divide parents against one another.

Stories like this one out of Ohio show how dead wrong they are. A coalition of Muslim and Christian parents in Bethel, a small town east of Cincinnati, are suing their local school board over the decision to impose a new policy without parental consent that allows students to use restroom and locker room facilities in accordance with their self-professed gender identity, and not their biological sex.

According to the lawsuit, a teacher in the district proposed the policy to the board, and it was adopted without the required public comment period. The group of parents bringing the lawsuit allege that it compromises their beliefs on “safety, privacy, modesty, religion, and historical views of sex.”

Whether you agree with the policy or not, the fact remains that these parents should have been notified, and should have had an opportunity to make their voices heard. Instead, the school board made the move in secret, and now the parents are fighting back.

As we’ve always maintained, our fight isn’t about one race, religion, or even political party. It’s about ensuring that parents are guaranteed their basic right to have a say in their children’s education, and ensuring that when kids go to school they are afforded an education free from political bias and fringe ideologies. On that, we should all be able to agree.