Kathy Barnette Rocks PA Crowd at Pre-Election Rally

Hundreds of concerned parents, educators, and citizens gathered in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on Monday, November 7 for a pre-election night rally for parents rights. The event featured remarks from 1776 Action spokeswoman Kathy Barnette as well as testimony from several local parents who have gotten involved in the parents’ rights movement in their school districts. As she always does, Kathy electrified the crowd with a stirring call to action, emphasizing that now is only the beginning, not the end, of the fight to save our schools.

Kathy Barnette speaks to crowd

“The battle for our kids is one we cannot lose, and we want to remind people what the woke education establishment is doing to them, and how we can fix it,” said Barnette. “Pennsylvania parents deserve schools that understand that our children belong to us, not to them. From anti-American curriculum to radical gender ideology to blatantly obscene material, our trust is being abused and it’s time for parents to reclaim our voice and our power.”

The rally also included a panel of parents from across the state who shared their own personal experiences in Pennsylvania’s education battles, some of whom decided to run for their local school boards.

Kathy Barnette hosts panel of parents

“Last year’s gubernatorial election in Virginia showed the power of parents to drive the political debate,” said Adam Waldeck, President of 1776 Action. “Our goal is to help keep this issue front and center in Pennsylvania, because it’s the only way to ultimately defeat the far Left’s unrelenting push to transform our institutions into something unrecognizable to most Americans.”

1776 Action President Adam Waldeck speaks to crowd.