Polling Shows Parents Rights Is Big Issue for Voters

Last week we shared new polling from the Trafalgar Group and AMAC Newsline that showed new policies from the Biden Department of Education infringing on parents’ rights were deeply unpopular with voters.

Several other recent polls have also pointed to the conclusion that parents rights is a major issue for voters this fall, and Americans are eager for leaders who will take concrete action to preserve the place of parents in education.

One new survey sponsored by the National Parents Union found that 62% of parents say they are very or extremely concerned about schools’ ability to provide quality teaching and instruction. 

Another poll from Heritage Action found that 68% of those surveyed, including 71% of independents, said public schools should not be teaching children younger than the fourth-grade level about sex, sexual preferences or gender identity, and that it should instead be left up to parents to discuss those topics.

While issues like the economy and abortion continue to dominate the headlines, education issues are also likely to play a pivotal role in upcoming elections. Those candidates who have made a commitment to enact policies that protect parents rights – like signing our 1776 Pledge – stand to be rewarded by voters.