POLL: Biden Plan to Punish Kids for Using “Wrong” Pronouns Wildly Unpopular

New proposed changes to Department of Education guidelines on parents’ rights and gender ideology in schools are deeply unpopular with voters, according to a new poll from the Trafalgar Group for AMAC Newsline.According to the findings, 82 percent of likely voters – including most Democrats – oppose a new Biden administration policy which would force kids into “counseling” without parental consent for “misgendering” other students. 

Among that 82 percent are 93.2 percent of Hispanics, 73 percent of Blacks, and 88.3 percent of Asians. 68.6 percent of Democrats also oppose the policy, as well as 83.3 percent of Independents.

Amid the nationwide push to force radical gender ideology into every American classroom, the Biden administration has proposed sweeping changes to Title IX that would hijack the 50-year-old law designed to protect female spaces in education to violate parents’ rights and silence dissent.

If the changes to Title IX proposed by the Biden Department of Education are enacted, schools would be required to “respond to a hostile environment based on sex” even if the conduct in question occurs “outside [a school’s] education program or activity.” This means that parents who refuse to embrace far-left gender ideology could be investigated for discrimination as well as kept in the dark if their child asks to identify as a gender separate from their biological sex in school.

The proposed changes would also mean that virtually every American student would have to use the “preferred pronouns” of students who identify as transgender, regardless of any religious concerns or opposition from parents. Students who refuse to comply with the policy would be forced to attend mandatory “counseling” sessions – again without the consent of parents.

As education and parental rights remain a top concern for most Americans, these results are another indication of the grassroots power of our movement, and why it is so important that candidates take concrete action like signing our 1776 Pledge to affirm their commitment to parents’ rights and transparency in education.