Detroit Newswriter on Parental Rights: “I Won’t Surrender”

A Detroit newswriter is refusing to back down after facing backlash over criticizing the reading materials her four-year-old daughter was given by her local public school.

Detroit News Assistant Editorial Page Editor Kaitlyn Buss was outraged last week when her daughter came home with “The Family Book,” a children’s picture book which purports to teach kids about “non-traditional families.”

“I want her to know there are families different from hers in a variety of ways. But at 4 years old, she’s not ready to talk about why different kinds of families exist. And when she is ready, it’s my responsibility to teach her according to my family’s values, not the school’s,” Buss said in an op-ed for Detroit News.

The Family Book has been removed from school libraries in a number of districts throughout the country for introducing students to discussions of gender and sexuality at an extremely young age.

Buss further called out states like California that have enacted policies specifically restricting parents’ rights to know what is going on in the classroom. “When I send my four kids off for the day, I’m not surrendering my parental rights. But increasingly, that’s what progressive educators and lawmakers want us to accept,” she said.

When so much of the media is silent or openly endorses the Radical Left crusade to turn schools into indoctrination chambers, it is always refreshing to see those brave few voices – often parents themselves – who will stand up for parental rights. As we continue to share their stories, we can only hope that more people like Kaitlyn Buss will find the courage to speak out.