The Radical Left’s $468 Million CRT Ploy

As part of its FY 2023 budget, the Biden administration has included a request for $468 million for so-called “community schools” – a term that refers to schools that offer before and after school programming and other resources for students and parents. 

But like so many other well-intentioned programs, community schools have been co-opted by the radical left to push their “equity” agenda. Now, community school programs tout their focus on “restorative justice,” fighting “systemic racism,” and teaching “culturally responsive education.”

According to a report from Fox News, these community school programs are about “disassembling “a common culture and focus[ing] on dividing students according to… their ethnic cultures and pushing an agenda that’s based on students’ ‘identities.’” 

Another report from the Washington Examiner found that groups backing community school programs that would receive these federal tax dollars include organizations who have promoted prominent CRT scholars like Ibram X. Kendi and are linked to efforts to “defund the police.”

This latest example of the federal government attempting to infuse CRT in American classrooms by using your tax dollars is yet another reminder of the importance of electing leaders who will oppose these indoctrination efforts – leaders who have made specific commitments to this cause by doing things like signing our 1776 Pledge