Teachers Unions Push Schools to Embrace CRT, Gender Ideology

Its no secret that some of the biggest national teachers unions have abandoned their mission of defending the interests of students and educators and are now fully devoted to pushing the radical left’s agenda in schools. 

In recent months, they’ve grown even more bold in their efforts as groups like ours continue to expose their corruption and hold them accountable.

Here are just a few examples from a recent story in the Daily Caller about how one teachers union, the NEA, is pushing a woke agenda in schools: “As a part of a summer reading list in August, the National Education Association recommended students read “Why We Fly” by Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal, a book that describes two girls who kneel for the national anthem. The book explicitly talks about marijuana use and is paired with discussion questions on activism.

In September, an Ohio chapter of the National Education Association provided Hilliard City Schools in Columbus, Ohio, with LGBTQ ally badges that featured a flag with the words “I’m Here.” The badges were for educators to wear in order to show their support for the LGBTQ community.
The New Jersey National Education Association ran an ad ahead of the 2022-2023 school year that depicted parents who speak out against gender identity and CRT as “extremists.” The ad cites two articles, one describing groups working to remove books featuring LGBTQ and CRT imagery from school libraries and the other discussing a New Jersey state senator’s bill which prohibits lessons on gender identity for kindergarten through sixth grade.”
Teachers and students deserve advocacy groups who will fight for them, not far-left special interests. We’ll continue to provide a voice and support for educators, students, and parents who are fed up with the blatant politicization of our education system, and fight for integrity and transparency in our classrooms.