Wisconsin School Says Parents Not “Entitled” to Know Students’ Gender Identity

One of those aforementioned examples of schools trying to hide information from parents comes from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where a group of parents are suing a school district for their policy of allowing teachers and school staff to hide student gender transitions from their parents. 

According to the lawsuit, the school district “mandates that schools and teachers hide critical information regarding a child’s health from his or her parents and to take action specifically designed to alter the child’s mental and physical well-being.” 

One slide from a teacher training document used by the district states that parents are not “entitled” to know their children’s identities. “That knowledge must be earned,” the slide says.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Parents are entitled to know everything about their kids by virtue of being their parents – the people who raise them and love them unconditionally. 

Fighting for parents’ rights is a central part of our mission of restoring integrity to our classrooms. Schools should always work with parents, and should never view them as the enemy.