Leading CRT Scholar Says Practice It “Wherever You Go”

Kimberle Crenshaw, a professor at Columbia University and UCLA, is one of the leading proponents of CRT in the country, and is credited with coining the very term “Critical Race Theory.”

If you’ll remember not too long ago, the Radical Left was telling us that CRT was either a “myth” or only taught in high-level graduate courses in law school. They insisted that CRT was only an academic theory, one among many to provide students a nuanced way of looking at the world. 

But Crenshaw was singing a remarkably different tune in an interview with NPR earlier this week. Here’s what she had to say when asked about what she believes CRT is:

“Critical race theory is practiced by any number of people and groups who recognize that colorblindness is an aspiration, but it’s not the reality in American society. And to survive and to thrive, you have to be aware of how race plays a role. You have to pass it on to your children. You have to practice it in your workplace. You practice it in the stores. You practice it wherever you go.” 

Yet again, the very people who invented CRT are admitting what we’ve been saying all along – it’s not just some abstract academic theory about history. CRT is intended to actively shape how people view the world today.

We know from the countless examples of it we’ve seen in classrooms and workplaces that CRT teaches that everyone is part of an “oppressor” or “oppressed” class based on race. CRT conditions people to judge one another based on skin color. As Crenshaw herself admits, that brainwashing is meant to be applied in “every” part of life.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for our fight. Stopping the spread of CRT means building a future defined by hope and prosperity rather than hate and division. That’s why we are so grateful you’ve joined us in our mission.