Epoch Times Features 1776 Action on Fourth of July

It goes without saying that the Fourth of July is a pretty big deal to us here at 1776 Action – it’s the inspiration for the name of our organization, after all. 

That’s why we were so thrilled to be the focus of a feature piece from the Epoch Times about the importance of Independence Day and teaching the incredible story of our founding to every American student.

Here’s what our President, Adam Waldeck, had to say about the Fourth of July and why it’s so important to teach the truth about the holiday in schools:  

“They were revolutionary ideas that changed the world for the better, and that is what we celebrate on the Fourth of July. If we want to continue that tradition of freedom, human equality, and opportunity for everybody, we need to be teaching every generation the story of the country they live in.”

But, as he told the Times, that history is under threat today: 

“There’s a very well-funded and organized effort all over this country, that has made way too much headway, in teaching young Americans that their country is bad, they shouldn’t be proud of it, that it’s unfair—and it’s a recipe for the country falling apart.”

The Times also talked with Kathy Barnette, our National Spokeswoman, who echoed that sentiment: 

“Our schools are under assault… I remember when [President Barack] Obama was in office and he said that he, along with others, are going to fundamentally change our country. And from then to now, it’s become very clear that one of the one of the main avenues that they intend to use to fundamentally change our country runs through our schools.”

Thankfully, there are still some journalists willing to honestly cover our fight and highlight the importance of our movement to restore honest, patriotic education to American classrooms. And for that, we couldn’t be more grateful to the Epoch Times for this story.