Kathy Barnette Joins 1776 Action as National Spokesperson

1776 Action is thrilled to announce that Kathy Barnette is joining our team as our National Spokesperson. As the fight against Critical Race Theory and indoctrination in K-12 schools rages on, Kathy will be a strong voice in support of restoring integrity and honest, patriotic education to our classrooms. Check out her intro video here:

Kathy knows first-hand how our schools have too often stopped teaching core subjects like reading and math and are instead force-feeding kids left-wing political propaganda like CRT. When she reviewed her own children’s curriculum, she made the decision to pull them out of public school and homeschool them. Now, she’s committed to ensuring that parents can send their kids to school knowing that they’ll learn the skills they need to succeed and thrive – without all the woke virtue signaling.

Born into poverty on a pig farm in the deep south, Kathy was raised in a home with no insulation, no running water, and an outhouse in the back. Through hard work and perseverance, she became the first in her family to graduate from college, eventually going on to earn her master’s degree. She served proudly for ten years in the Armed Forces Reserves and built an impressive portfolio in corporate finance, all before entering the world of politics as a commentator on Fox News. 

Earlier this year, Kathy became a leading voice in national politics when she defied all expectations to become a leading contender for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania. Her story is indicative of the hope and promise of the American Dream, and exposes the lies pushed by the Radical Left that the United States is a country where success is out of reach for many. She is living, breathing proof that the United States is a nation full of opportunity for all, and we could not be more thrilled to have her on board to help share this truth with others.

In the weeks and months ahead, Kathy will be instrumental in raising awareness about the important battles we are waging, particularly as election season draws near. We hope you’ll continue to support our efforts and welcome Kathy as the newest member of our team.