A Star Is Born…

A few exciting updates from the 1776 Action team:

Bravo, Governor Youngkin!

As you may remember, then-candidate Glenn Youngkin was one of the first to sign ‘The 1776 Pledge‘ last May. Then, at our ‘Rally to Save our Schools‘ in Loudoun County in September, he delivered a rousing speech promising to ban Critical Race Theory and set Virginia on a new direction in education.

Since taking office on January 15, Governor Youngkin has done just that, and in a few short days has made Virginia a shining example for other states of what it means to pursue honest, patriotic education. 

Just this week, Governor Youngkin introduced a tip line where parents could report if schools are teaching Critical Race Theory and other divisive concepts. He also made banning Critical Race Theory his very first action after taking office, delivering on his campaign pledge, and has initiated a thorough review of the Virginia Department of Education.

This is what progress looks like, and these successes are what spur us forward – and it’s all thanks to your support and belief in our cause.

The Fight Against “Action Civics” Is Heating Up

It’s clear the proponents of CRT are on defense, but they’re not giving up.

The newest assault on classrooms that you’re likely to hear more about in the coming months is called “action civics.” It’s not a new concept, but it’s fast becoming one of the favorite ways for left-wing ideologues to indoctrinate students without calling it “Critical Race Theory.” In essence, action civics is CRT for government and civics classes, and involves co-opting students to protest on behalf of left-wing political causes for class credit. You can read more about it from Stanley Kurtz over at The American Mind here.

Business Insider recently ran a lengthy piece on action civics and what it looks like in classrooms. Of course, our activist media always portrays conservative opposition to the Left’s ongoing assaults as the result of manufactured outrage, but we know better. Here’s what 1776 Action President Adam Waldeck told to Business Insider. 

“Between teacher bias, peer pressure, and the biases of the Leftist non-profits that promote ‘action civics,’ students are pushed into Leftist political activity in a manner that profoundly violates the principle of political neutrality incumbent upon schools.”

No matter what label the radical Left tries to slap on their efforts to infiltrate classrooms with political propaganda, we stand ready to fight back. 

1st Candidate for PA Gov. Signs ‘The 1776 Pledge’

We are excited to announce that Lou Barletta, a Republican running for Governor of Pennsylvania, has signed ‘The 1776 Pledge.’

Barletta becomes the first statewide candidate in Pennsylvania to sign, and he joins a rapidly growing list of others throughout the country, including Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson in Arizona, Rebecca Kleefisch in Wisconsin,  and Derek Schmidt in Kansas. 

Here’s some of what Barletta had to say: 

“All across Pennsylvania, parents are sick and tired of their tax dollars being used to fund anti-American indoctrination campaigns in K-12 classrooms that teach their children to hate their own country and each other through racist ideologies like Critical Race Theory. When I am governor, we will no longer teach children that they are either oppressed, or the oppressor, depending on the color of their skin. I am proud to sign ‘The 1776 Pledge’ and make this promise to every Pennsylvanian – our state will once again be a shining example of patriotism and traditional American values.”

Help Us Stay on Offense and Keep Winning

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