PA Gov. Candidate Lou Barletta Signs ‘The 1776 Pledge’

Our full statement on Lou Barletta, running for Pennsylvania Governor, who just signed our “1776 Pledge to Save our Schools” –

As the federal government continues to target parents and students for speaking out against radical, anti-American curriculum in K-12 classrooms, Lou Barletta, Republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, committed to taking concrete steps to restore honest, patriotic education by signing “The 1776 Pledge to Save Our Schools.”

As the first statewide or congressional candidate or official in Pennsylvania to take this Pledge from 1776 Action, Barletta joins more than 300 other candidates and elected officials throughout the country who have also signed, including South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, and a growing number of gubernatorial candidates in states like Arizona, Idaho, and Nebraska. 

Pledge signers commit to taking concrete steps to:

  • Restore honest, patriotic education that cultivates in our children a profound love for our country.
  • Promote a curriculum that teaches that all children are created equal, have equal moral value under God, our Constitution, and the law, and are members of a national community united by our founding principles.
  • Prohibit any curriculum that pits students against one another on the basis of race or sex.
  • Prevent schools from politicizing education by prohibiting any curriculum that requires students to protest and lobby during or after school.

Lou Barletta issued the following statement about his decision to sign The 1776 Pledge:

Lou Barletta signs ‘The 1776 Pledge’

“All across Pennsylvania, parents are sick and tired of their tax dollars being used to fund anti-American indoctrination campaigns in K-12 classrooms that teach their children to hate their own country and each other through racist ideologies like Critical Race Theory. When I am governor, we will no longer teach children that they are either oppressed, or the oppressor, depending on the color of their skin. And we won’t teach them that they have no chance in life because of their skin color, either. When I am in the governor’s office, this poison will stop flowing into our classrooms, no one will work in education who permits it to be spread, and we will demand that educators teach an honest account of the history of the greatest nation the world has ever known. I am proud to sign ‘The 1776 Pledge’ and make this promise to every Pennsylvanian – our state will once again be a shining example of patriotism and traditional American values.”

Adam Waldeck, President, 1776 Action, issued the following statement applauding Barletta for taking the Pledge:

“As the 2022 campaign season ramps up, we are excited that Lou Barletta has joined the fight against CRT and other dangerous and divisive ideologies in school classrooms. After our involvement in local races in West Chester, Pennsylvania last year, we know that Pennsylvanians are passionate about ensuring that their children and grandchildren receive an honest, patriotic education free from radical left-wing indoctrination. Lou is a strong supporter of parental rights, and by signing the Pledge has made a commitment to taking the necessary steps to restore integrity and accountability to the education system in his home state.”

1776 Action launched in March 2021 to combat anti-American indoctrination in K-12 schools with support from Dr. Ben Carson (a former member of the 1776 Commission) and Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Through targeted messaging campaigns, the group has helped to advance anti-CRT policies across the country, most notably in Virginia, New Hampshire, and Iowa.