Pro-CRT Demonstration Takes Place in Iowa, Targets ‘The 1776 Pledge’

Yesterday, a group of radical activists gathered in Johnston, Iowa to protest our “1776 Pledge.” Earlier this month, we supported three school board candidates in Johnston who had signed the Pledge and promised to restore honest, patriotic education to their school district. They helped flip the school board there, a big win in the battle against Critical Race Theory and other anti-American ideologies.

The chants and signs of the individuals who showed up to protest both the new school board officials and our Pledge were telling of what the pro-CRT movement is really about. As we have been pointing out since the founding of 1776 Action, their movement is not about teaching “the truth” about history – it’s about the opposite. They want to erase the legacy of 1776 and replacing it with their false narrative that the United States is an irredeemably evil and racist country.

Here’s them saying as much, chanting “hey hey ho ho 1776 has got to go” and “CRT is here to stay”

They also sported signs that said things like “Down with 1776” and “patriotism in education = erasure and indoctrination.”

Funny how just a couple months ago these same people were claiming that Critical Race Theory either doesn’t exist or isn’t taught in schools – now they are claiming that it is taught in schools, and that it’s a good thing.

Our President, Adam Waldeck, joined Fox’s Martha MacCallum to discuss the incident. You can check out the clip below.