VA Gov. Candidate McAuliffe Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

During the Virginia gubernatorial debate just a few days ago, Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat candidate for Governor in Virginia, said that “I don’t believe parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”


That’s an incredible statement from someone who wants to hold the highest elected office in Virginia and oversee the commonwealth’s education system. Perhaps Mr. McAuliffe is forgetting that parents pay taxes to fund schools, and therefore have every right to determine what their kids are being taught. Perhaps he’s also forgetting that Virginia has been the site of some of the most impassioned and widespread outrage over Critical Race Theory-inspired curriculum and other anti-American ideologies being peddled to America’s youth. That’s exactly why we held a “Rally to Save Our Schools” in Loudoun County earlier this month to bring attention to this important issue and let the country know that our movement won’t be silenced. This fight is too important, and the stakes are too high.

For months, politicians and many in the media have claimed that CRT is not being taught in schools. Now they’re apparently saying that it is, and that parents shouldn’t be able to do anything about it. But we will do something about it – and parents in many districts already have by recalling school board members and ensuring that their kids are given an honest, patriotic education.

Glenn Youngkin, the Republican nominee for Governor in Virginia, spoke at our Rally and offered a very different vision for the future of education in the Old Dominion, promising to ban CRT on his first day in office. So despite what McAuliffe may want, parents do get a say in what their kids are taught – and it starts at the ballot box.