National Media Takes Notice of “Rally to Save our Schools”

Yesterday, we shared a recap of our “Rally to Save our Schools” event in Loudoun County, Virginia. More than 1,000 people showed up, and the support we received was overwhelming. Several national media outlets were on hand to witness the event, and we can’t help but believe they were impressed with what they saw.

In the two days since the event, it has already received significant coverage from some major publications, both nationally and locally. Here are some of the top stories:

Fox News: Ben Carson derides critical race theory at Loudoun rally, says it will ‘erase’ racial progress made by US

Carson said he was sickened by CRT and the 1619 Project, arguing that they were trying to tell people that “the most important factor in your life – in terms of determining how your life is going to go — are your external physical characteristics over which you have no control, and putting aside the thing that you do have control of, which is your character.””

The Virginia Star: Ben Carson, Youngkin, and Sears Criticize Virginia Education Policy at Loudoun County Rally

“Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson spoke against mask mandates, Critical Race Theory, and COVID-19 vaccines for children in a Loudoun County appearance alongside GOP candidates Glenn Youngkin and Winsome Sears on Wednesday night. A large, energetic crowd filled a conference room; the event was hosted by Fight for Schools and 1776 Action.”

Loudoun Times-Mirror: Speakers, panelists rail against critical race theory, mask policies at Save Our Schools rally

“Hundreds of conservative Northern Virginia residents — including former secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson and Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin — gathered Wednesday night for the Rally to Save Our Schools at the Landsowne Resort and Spa in Leesburg, railing against cultural flashpoints from critical race theory to mask mandates in Loudoun schools.

Johnson City Press: Ben Carson Brings National Spotlight to 1776 Action, Fight For Schools Rally in Virginia County at Heart of School ‘Indoctrination’ Debate

“The rally featured local parents, followed by speeches and Q&A from Dr. Ben Carson and Virginia’s GOP nominees for governor and lieutenant governor, Glenn Youngkin and Winsome Sears. A group of candidates also committed to restore patriotic education by signing “The 1776 Pledge.”

Dr. Ben Carson, the former HUD Secretary and member of President Trump’s 1776 Commission said:

“We will only remain the land of the free if we are the home of the brave, and I’m inspired by the growing number of parents and teachers, especially in Loudoun County, who’ve been holding elected officials accountable for the toxic ideologies being pushed on our children. America won’t survive if we teach our children to hate their country and its values. I hope this event continues to wake people up.””