A Brave Teacher Fights Back

We founded 1776 Action in March to fight back against the radical indoctrination of children in K-12 classrooms. Part of that mission involves supporting and sharing stories of students, parents, and educators who have taken the courageous step of fighting back against education institutions that want to poison our youth with hateful ideologies.

One of those individuals is Jennifer Tafuto who, until just a few days ago, was a 2nd grade teacher in Connecticut.

But after being made to feel like more of a political activist than a teacher, she decided to leave what she thought would be her forever career. As a fourth-generation teacher, it’s easy to see why this decision would be so difficult, and helps us appreciate even more how brave Jennifer is.

The good news for all of us in this movement is that she’s chosen not to go away quietly, but instead to speak out, expose what’s been going on, and rally others to do the same. 

This being completely new ground for her, Jennifer reached out to 1776 Action for help, so we encouraged her to record a video sharing her story.

In just a few days, Jennifer’s story and what she exposed has turned into two big national stories from Fox News and we’ve included links to both below.

Inspired by Jennifer’s courage, we’ve launched a new version of our 1776 Pledge specifically for educators and administrators so we can more effectively recruit others willing to speak out. Many have been hesitant to do so for fear of losing their jobs, but at this point, we need them to step forward.

George Washington once said, “Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country,” and he’s exactly right. From parents to legislators to teachers, we all have our own role to play if we’re to stop this radicalism in our classrooms. 

So we’ll continue to push forward, and we thank you for standing with us.