1776 Action Joins the Fight in Virginia

As Fox News just reported, 1776 Action just jumped into our next fight – and it’s a fight that the whole country should be watching closely.

Loudoun County, Virginia has become ground zero in the effort to stop anti-American indoctrination in school, and this may have a huge impact not only on November’s election for Governor of Virginia, but on races all across the country from school board up.

A few weeks ago, we interviewed a number of the brave Loudoun County moms and dads who’ve been on the front lines of this fight (here’s the video).

They’re making great progress, even in the face of a hostile school board and Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for Governor of Virginia, calling Critical Race Theory a made-up “conspiracy.” 

Obviously they know better – and their fellow Virginians should know what’s going on as well. So we just launched a major text campaign to share their stories far and wide, and to ensure that Virginians know exactly where their gubernatorial candidates stand on the issue of honest, patriotic education.

You can watch the video we sent out below.

Many of the institutions and people trying to push this poison into our schools seem to have no idea how to respond to parents fighting back. 

They’ve gone from “you don’t know what Critical Race Theory is!” to “CRT isn’t even being taught in K-12 schools” to the largest teachers’ union committing to support it in all 14,000 school districts under its influence. 

Well our thought is this — good. Let them be confused. With your help we will remain on offense until this Marxist, dishonest agenda is buried forever.