Our First Big Victory: New Hampshire

When we launched 1776 Action in March, our first move was to find a fight and jump in. No longer would the attempted radicalization of K-12 classrooms go unanswered.

After some parents reached out to share their horror stories, and a legislative fight was just beginning over a bill to ban Critical Race Theory-inspired curriculum from its schools, we chose New Hampshire as our first stand.

Immediately – and up through last week – we started running statewide radio and TV ads, along with an aggressive text message campaign that directly reached over 120,000 voters. That’s in addition to regular news coverage and a Union Leader op-ed by one of our key supporters, Newt Gingrich. 

The result? Yesterday, after much negotiation, the NH legislature passed a new budget that takes a blowtorch to CRT and provides real legal tools for stopping this anti-American poison. Read more here.

As Dr. Ben Carson wrote in support of our efforts, “We, the People do not have to stand by while our culture and our future are ripped out from under our feet.”

He’s right, and we just showed that not only can we fight back – we can win.