Crooks and Liars Attack

Well, that didn’t take long. Right after our Fox & Friends debut last weekend, a popular Leftist website called “Crooks & Liars” went on the attack.

In a story entitled, “Fox Doing Its Best To Keep White Supremacy In Education,”1776 Action was accused of “inciting hate,” “opposing diversity and inclusion,” and they labeled Fox’s Pete Hegseth and 1776 Action President Adam Waldeck as “particularly disgusting” for having “wrapped themselves in the mantle of civil rights and Martin Luther King – in order to demonize and disempower Black voices.”

Only in the twisted minds of these radicals is teaching young Americans to understand our nation’s founding principles and treat each other as individuals considered “inciting hate.”

1776 Action has spoken about Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. for good reason.

During a time of discrimination by law, he championed the belief that all individuals are made equal in the image of God, and challenged America to embrace our founding ideals and judge each other not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character. Rev. King dreamed of a future where young black Americans would have the same opportunity as everyone else.

The radicals lying about our history and pushing toxic, race-obsessed theories in the classroom are not carrying that mantle. Rather, they are telling young black Americans the lie that they have no future. They are not helping them achieve their dreams, they are crushing them.

1776 Action was founded to fight for these young Americans, of every color, and to ensure they know their value and understand what it means to be citizens of the greatest nation on Earth.

So we aren’t surprised by these attacks. We embrace them as a badge of honor, because it means we’re having an impact. Rather than backing off, we intend to double down – and win.