ICYMI: Fox News On 1776 Action Launch

Just weeks ago, 1776 Action was launched with the incredible help of Dr. Ben Carson and Newt Gingrich – and with the kick-off of our first advocacy campaign this week in New Hampshire, we’ve been noticed by Fox News.

Here’s an excerpt from the article that talks about our mission: 

“Last month’s launch of 1776 Action, a 501(c)4 tax-exempt organization, augmented a growing resistance to diversity trainings and curricula in U.S. institutions. Like Parents Defending Education, which Fox News reported on last week, 1776 Action intends to empower parents to challenge these ideas at the local level.”

“A pledge on the group’s website asks citizens to commit to ‘replace elected officials, school board members, education commissioners, principals, deans, and university presidents who promote a false, divisive, and radical view of America and our fellow citizens with new leaders who respect our history, our values, our rights, and the God-given dignity of every person.’”

As mentioned in the article, we won’t be pounding our fists on the table, getting outraged by what’s happening to our kids. We are going on offense.

Through hard-hitting advocacy campaigns, we are getting these “woke” radicals out of our classrooms, off our school boards, and back to the fringes where their toxic ideology belongs.

Our schools should be preparing our children to be proud, responsible and well-rounded citizens of the greatest nation on Earth, not resentful, left-wing political activists who hate America and its values.